Do Your Eyes Burn After Swimming? Here’s What To Do Next

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That irritating, burning sensation that we get in our eyes after swimming can be bothersome when we first get out of the water, because chlorine, the chemical used to terminate harmful bacteria in swimming pools, removes the protective tear layer around our eyes that’s there to protect our cornea, causing our eyes to get dehydrated so when we get out of the water and our eyes are immediately exposed to air we feel a burning, irritated sensation. Luckily though, there are things you can do to help your eyes if your eyes get irritated after taking a dip in the pool.

Healing Irritated Eyes Post Swim

The best way to protect eyes in the water is by wearing goggles when swimming in the pool. If you go swimming without goggles though, and you’re eyes are burning afterwards you can help to soothe them by rinsing your eyes in cool water which will help to wash away chlorine and other chemicals that can get in our eyes after swimming. Simply take a cup of cool water and pour it over one eye and then the other eye while standing over the sink, repeat a couple of times as needed.

Additional Tips on Treating Irritated Eyes After a Swim

If washing your eyes with cool water doesn’t help, you can also try normal saline, or a saline solution that is made for the eyes. You can keep a small bottle of saline solution, or an eye drop made specifically to be anti-inflammatory in your pool bag at all times if your eyes are particularly sensitive to the chlorine and other pool chemicals. For pool owners in the Austin, Texas area where it gets warm in the summer, hiring an Austin pool maintenance company to keep pH levels in your pool properly balanced will help keep eyes from getting overly irritated from too much chlorine during those warm months when the pool gets used often.

Weekly Pool Cleanings Don’t Just Benefit Our Eyes, Its Extends the Life of a Pool Too

Maintenance and pool cleaning service for Austin homeowners as well as any homeowner with a pool will help to keep a pool not only looking sparkling new year round, but it will also help to extend the life of a pool and keep it safe to swim in because of all the harmful bacteria that can accumulate in unclean pool water. If you happen to live in the Austin area, getting a pool cleaning in Austin, TX is not hard to come by because of all the pool cleaning companies operating in the area. Austin residents with pools should look for a Austin weekly pool cleaning service company that performs a variety of tasks such as conducting chemical tests and adjusting chemicals as needed, clearing out automatic baskets, netting out all debris, and visually inspecting equipment to help keep a pool clean and safe to use any time of year, especially during those warm summer months!

What To Look For When Choosing a Pool Cleaning Company

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Austin, Texas has a subtropical climate, which means homeowners with pools have many days during the year that they can enjoy and get use from of their pool. In order to get optimal use from their pool though, pool owners in Austin and nearby areas should be a getting a weekly pool service from a reliable Austin pool maintenance company not only keep their pool safe to swim in, but also to improve the appearance and longevity of their pool. Fortunately for Austin area pool owners getting a pool cleaning in Austin, TX isn’t hard to come by due to the many pool maintenance companies offering services to homeowners with pools and commercial pool owners alike.


Whether you’re a homeowner with a pool or a commercial pool owner, a good Austin weekly pool cleaning service company should offer you a free estimate beforehand. From there, an experienced pool technician should be able to talk to you about what weekly pool services they recommend, roughly how much it will cost, and share with you the different service plans they have to offer to fit your own personal needs and budget. Exact pricing will depend on the size and type of pool you own, and that should be determined and communicated to you before services begin.


Finding a reliable and experienced Austin pool maintenance company to service your pool weekly can make a big difference in the level of service and care your pool receives. An experienced pool service company will have the knowledge and understanding of how to best help commercial pool owners to service their pool while staying on budget, and will understand the needs of homeowners with pools all while keeping their pools looking like sparkling new and in good condition all year long. Depending on what your pool servicing needs are going with a more experienced company may be the best way to go.

Level of Service

Maintenance and Pool Cleaning Service for Austin Homeowners with pools and commercial pool owners should be given at a high quality without having to pay an overly high price for it, in other words price should not equal quality of service. Professionalism and reliability should be offered, in addition to services that include pool cleanings using high-quality commercial grade equipment. Different services should be offered to a residential customer compared to a commercial one, so depending on the type of pool you own make sure the pool maintenance company you hire understands how to best clean and maintain your pool.

Ask About Certification

You may want to consider checking to make sure your pool technician is a Certified Pool and Spa Operator (CPO). The CPO certification is one that provides additional knowledge, techniques, and skills for pool and spa operations. The certification is sought after by many pool service technicians in the pool servicing industry nationwide and can help them to better provide exceptional, high-quality service to their customers.

Residential and Commercial Pool Maintenance Cost

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A quality servicing from a reputable Austin Pool Maintenance service company shouldn’t come at a high cost to those who own a pool in the Austin, Texas area. Different services are needed for a commercial pool versus a residential one, but in both cases a customer should be able to find a reputable Austin weekly pool cleaning company at a reasonable price. Investing in weekly pool maintenance and cleaning services is well worth it, because in the long run it can end up saving you money.

Why The Cost Is Worth It

If regular maintenance isn’t done on a pool, pool water can become erosive and start to damage the rest of the pool, as well as the equipment. This in turn can end up costing a lot of money to repair any damage caused by not getting regular cleaning and maintenance. In addition, pool technicians are experts in their field and will be able to spot early warning signs of problems with equipment and communicate them to pool owners early on, thus potentially saving them money down the road by having to pay for costly repairs that weren’t spotted early on.

Pool Maintenance Cost

The average cost for pool cleaning and maintenance runs between $121.00 and $372.00 for a first service, according to In addition, also states that the national average price to maintain a swimming pool is $233.00 per one-time cleaning. Maintenance and pool cleaning service for Austin homeowners will be different compared to a homeowner in Tampa for example, because final price on a pool cleaning and maintenance differs based on location and the type of pool.

Cost to Close a Pool

If a pool owner decides to winterize, or close their swimming pool, it’s usually because they are concerned about freezing temperatures and want to protect their equipment in an effort to avoid any damage that could occur from extremely cold temps. The average cost to close a pool in the winter runs between $150.00 and $300.00 according to, and can be done in a single day for a residential pool owner. For a commercial pool owner this process takes a few days, and includes the following:

  • Shocking the water
  • Lowering the water levels
  • Backwashing the filter
  • Conducting a cleaning
  • Closing and storing filter elements
  • Clearing water lines
  • Installing a cover

Cost to Open a Pool

The average cost to open a pool is fairly similar to the cost of a typical pool cleaning in Austin, TX. According to, the average cost is between $150.00 and $300.00, however if a pool has turned green and is contaminated the cost goes up to a range of $300.00 to $400.00. The process to open a pool includes the following :

  • Taking off the cover
  • Cleaning and testing the pools water chemistry
  • Refilling the water
  • Turning on the pump and other equipment pieces
  • Putting the filter system back together

Swimming Pool Cleaning Service Cost in Austin

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With summer fast approaching there will be no shortage of hot days in Austin, Texas and one of the best ways to cool off from a hot summer day is by taking a dip in the pool! If you’re a new pool owner and you’ve built your pool just in time for summer, be sure to hire a reputable Austin pool maintenance company to give your pool weekly treatments. Paying for a pool cleaning in Austin, TX shouldn’t break your bank, and you should be able to get it for a fairly reasonable cost.

Cost to Clean An In-ground Pool, Above-ground Pool, and a Salt Water Pool

On average, the cost to clean an above-ground pool, plus or minus a deck, is less than in-ground pools because above-ground pools are typically a smaller size compared to in-ground pools. Salt water pool owners can expect to pay an annual cost of $175 to $225 for salt and chemical costs. Although the price to build a salt water unit is costly, in the long run salt water pool owners can expect to pay less for maintenance overall compared to chlorine pool owners.

What A Weekly Pool Cleaning Should Include

A quality pool service company should be cleaning and maintaining your pool with the same care and dedication they put into their own pool week after week. The weekly service should include the following:

  • Cleaning the waterline
  • Netting out all debris
  • Vacuuming the pool and spa as needed
  • Brushing the sides and steps
  • Completing a variety of chemical tests and adjusting chemicals as needed
  • Clearing out automatic baskets and/or bags
  • Emptying all skimmer baskets
  • Emptying pump baskets
  • Visually inspecting all equipment
  • Regularly communicating equipment issues to ensure longevity

Why Weekly Pool Cleanings Are Worth It

Enlisting the help of an Austin weekly pool cleaning service company to clean and maintain your pool is worth the cost because regular maintenance makes a pool safe to swim in, contributes to a pools longevity, and helps to keep the appearance of a pool looking pristine and crystal clear all the time! Regular maintenance and pool cleaning service for Austin Homeowners differs compared to regular maintenance and pool cleaning service for commercial pool owners, but both have benefits. Frequent pool cleanings eliminate harmful bacteria, and balance pH levels which if left improperly balanced can cause a swimmers skin to severely burn to name a few benefits.

Safety Inspection & Regulations for Commercial Swimming Pools in Austin, Texas

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A clean pool is a happy pool. No one wants to fret over what is (or isn’t) in their water when they’re ready for a dip. Commercial pools see high traffic when the sun is shining since everyone is ready to take advantage of the nearest pool.

Lounging in the sun is a favorite hobby for adults and kiddos alike, and it’s pertinent commercial establishments keep pools primed and ready for the public. Maintaining a clean pool that follows Austin pool cleaning & maintenance regulations is essential for providing pool-goers the safety they deserve.

Pool cleaners should know Texas regulations for public pools.

CDC recommends choosing pool cleaners familiar with national and state level pool regulations. Pool cleaners should know how often a pool should be cleaned and best maintenance practices for it depending on the size and traffic it receives. Austin pool maintenance should be available at the times public pools are mostly likely to need their services: the weekend.

Maintain chlorine levels of 2 parts to 1 million units of water.

This requirement fluctuations between 1-3 depending the state and in Texas, 2 parts chlorine to 1 million units of water is the rule for commercial swimming pools.

Any changes to disinfectants other than Texas regulatory mandates must be approved.

Upon receiving this request, the state of Texas has up to 90 days to approve or deny the request.

Pool water must show no acid.

In a standard pH test, the pool water must show no levels of acid. These standard pH tests can be conducted by pool managers or operators, and do not have to be done by pool cleaners. However, if water levels show acidity, pool cleaners should be available to neutralize water for best pool safety guidelines. A pool with pH imbalance can irritate the skin and eyes.

Shocking a pool is OK more often for public pools.

Because public pools see such a high turnover over swimmers, there’s obviously more bacteria in the water at the end of the week or month. Once water starts to appear murky or cloudy, it is OK to shock the pool. Drastically raising pH levels to rid the pool of bacteria may seem time consuming since it involves progressively filling the pool over an extended duration, but it pays off in the long run because it it means a lower chance of people getting sick or infected due to poor quality pool water.

Naturally public pools are held at a higher standard than residential pools. This is why it’s essential businesses and community centers find top notch pool cleaning services they can trust. Find a reliable Austin pool cleaning company for your business and know the pools offered are safe for swimming and abide by state regulations. On-site pool maintenance is a must but when it comes to the heavy lifting of keeping a public pool clean, it’s time to bring in professionals with years of experience working with large pools with countless visitors every day.

Do you feel safe swimming in public pools?