Austin Pool Cleaning & Maintenance Service in Bee Cave, Texas

Austin Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Service in Bee Cave, Texas

Swimming is a fun activity as well as an excellent low-impact workout that can be enjoyed at any age. From toddlers to seniors, swimming is a great way to cool off in the summer and enjoy time with family and friends. If you own a pool and live in Bee Cave, Texas or the Austin area where it gets warm, especially in those summer months, hiring a local Austin pool cleaning company to perform weekly servicing on your pool will not only extend the life of your pool, but it will also improve safety and keep the appearance of your pool looking like new, year round.  

Benefits of Weekly Pool Maintenance

Paying for a weekly pool service to clean and maintain your pool and spa saves money in the long run because it helps to avoid costly hardware repairs caused by erosion and mineral build-up from unclean pool water. Pool servicing technicians also help pool owners keep their pool equipment working well by spotting issues and communicating them to pool owners early on potentially saving them from costly repairs down the road. Local pool cleaning Austin area companies can perform weekly pool servicing that helps to improve the safety of pools as well by getting rid of harmful bacteria that builds up in the water overtime from pets, insects, natural causes like wind and storms, and from people.

Pool Cleaning in Bee Cave, Texas

A good Austin TX pool maintenance company should treat your pool like it’s their own, offering a high quality of service week after week. A weekly pool cleaning from a pool maintenance company should include the following:

  •     Cleaning the waterline
  •     Netting out all debris
  •     Vacuuming the pool and spa as needed
  •     Brushing the sides and steps
  •     Completing a variety of chemical tests and adjusting chemicals as needed
  •     Clearing out automatic baskets and/or bags
  •     Emptying all skimmer baskets
  •     Emptying pump baskets
  •     Visually inspecting all equipment
  •     Regularly communicating equipment issues to ensure longevity

Pool Maintenance in Bee Cave, Texas

Keeping a pool clean and chemically balanced is a vital part of pool safety, because if a pool does not have properly balanced pool chemistry it can lead to health issues such as infection, skin irritation, eye and nose pain, as well as equipment damage and pool surface staining. Chemicals such as Calcium Hardness, Chlorine PH, Alkalinity, and stabilizer levels need to be regulated to ensure a pools safety, and keep in mind also that a clear pool does not always indicate a pool is safe to swim in so proper regulation of these chemicals is important. A good pool maintenance Austin TX area company should be making sure to backwash and clean filters when needed as well because an unclean filter puts pressure on pumps and contributes to algae blooms from the lack of water flow.

Pool Repair in Bee Cave, TX

Regular pool equipment maintenance is an important part of ensuring your pools longevity, because small equipment issues can turn into costly one’s down the road if not taken care of properly early on. Filters, lights, pumps, timers, and heaters should be regularly inspected and maintained to ensure a pool stays in good condition. Weekly repairs from a reliable Austin pool cleaning company should include the following:

  •     General equipment examination, installation, and repair
  •     Heater and repair installation
  •     Pump maintenance and installation
  •     Filter cleaning, replacement, and maintenance
  •     Checking for leaking pipes
  •     Installation, replacement, and upgrading of lighting systems
  •     Maintenance on automatic timers as needed
  •     Treatment of algae
  •     Acid washes
  •     Mastic replacement and maintenance
  •     Salt system installation, maintenance, and repair
  •     General pool maintenance services

Importance of Pool Filter Systems

Pool filter systems are a critical part of pool maintenance, because it’s the piece of equipment in your pool that cleans out dirt and other toxic materials, which if never cleared out of pool water can cause harmful bacteria to build up in your pool and cause infections and other issues. The three different types of filters are sand, cartridge, and diatomaceous earth aka D.E. Price. If you’re in need of replacing your pool filter a pool technician who is also a Certified Pool and Spa Operator (CPO) will be able to advise you on what type of filter to get and how often you’ll need to replace it.

Residential – Best Pool Service in Austin, TX

A pool service company will be offering different pool services to a residential customer compared to a commercial one. A pool service technician should be cleaning and maintaining a customer’s backyard pool like it’s their own. A trained CPO pool technician should be using high-quality, commercial grade equipment and providing weekly same day service. They also should be regularly communicating potential issues early on to prevent pool owners from having to pay high repairs costs in the future if a piece of their pool equipment breaks down.

Commercial Pool Service

An experience CPO pool technician should understand the importance of keeping a communities pool clean and looking sparkling new regularly. They should also understand the importance of helping a property to maintain their community pool while helping to also stay on budget. In addition, they should regularly be following through on repair projects, communicating issues early on to staff, and offering a high level of care week after week.

Protecting Your Pool From Weather

During those rainy months in and around the Austin area you may want to consider taking extra care to safeguard your pool equipment before a big storm. Start by removing automatic pool maintenance equipment and bringing it inside just prior to a storm, also be sure to turn off and put a cover over your pump, heater and filter. Also, after a very windy day you can use a pool cleaning net to remove leaves, debris, and insects that are floating in your pool, or invest in a pool cover to keep the leaves on the surface of the pool cover and out of your pool all together.