Austin Pool Cleaning & Maintenance Service in Circle C, Texas

Austin Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Service in Circle C, Texas

Owning a swimming pool can be a lot of fun, but with all that fun there’s also regular maintenance required to keep a pool clean and the equipment well maintained. If you live in Circle C, Texas or the Austin area and you own a pool, enlisting the help of an Austin pool cleaning service company can help to keep your pool in good shape year round. The benefits of keeping your pool clean and properly maintained regularly make the cost of paying for weekly pool cleaning and maintenance worth it.

Regular Maintenance Saves Money In The Long Run

If regular maintenance isn’t done, pool water can become erosive and start to damage the rest of the pool, and the equipment as well which in turn can end up costing a lot of money to repair any damage done. To avoid having to pay repair costs to fix damaged handrails, ladders, etc. weekly maintenance is essential. A good weekly service from a local Austin pool maintenance company should include the following:

  •     Cleaning the tiles/waterlines
  •     Vacuuming as needed
  •     Netting out floating debris
  •     Checking chemicals and adjusting as needed
  •     Brushing steps and walls
  •     Emptying the skimmer and pump strainer baskets
  •     Regularly examining pool equipment
  •     Backwashing the filter as needed and recharging with DE
  •     Same day weekly servicing

Pool Maintenance Safety

In addition to saving money in the long haul, regular pool maintenance is important for safety reasons because harmful bacteria can build up in pools from different sources such as insects, pets, people, and natural occurrences like wind and storms. Weekly pool cleanings can help to reduce the risk of skin irritations, infections, and eye and nose pain caused by harmful bacteria that can build up in the water if not properly cleaned. Pool cleanings often involve the use of harmful chemicals and equipment as well that should be handled properly, so hiring a pool cleaning service company who knows how to perform weekly cleanings safely ensures you don’t have to worry about exposing yourself to harmful chemicals or worrying about how to use complicated equipment.

Ask The Experts

Professional pool cleaning service companies are experts in their field, so if you have a question about maintaining your pool equipment properly the pros can help. Hiring a professional pool maintenance company takes the guessing game out of when and how often service on your pool filters, pumps, motors, etc. is needed, because they will know precisely when and how it should be done. In addition to maintaining the equipment, a professional pool cleaning company will know how to maintain proper pH levels in your pool as well, which if not maintained can cause skin issues and irritations to your eyes, ears, nose, and mouth.

Understanding The pH Levels in Your Pool

Maintaining a proper pH level in your pool keeps the water clean, and helps to prevent damage to your heater as well as other pool equipment. A pH is a measurement of how acidic or basic water is and it’s evaluated on a scale of 0 – 14, so a pH that measures below 7.0 is an indication that pool water is acidic.  A pH level of 8.0 indicates that pool water is basic or alkaline, so shooting for a pH level of 7.4 – 7.6 is what your pool cleaning technician is going for.

Maintenance Improves a Pool’s Appearance and Longevity

Weekly maintenance not only keeps pool equipment working in tip-top shape, it also improves the appearance of the pool. If left unmaintained a pool can accumulate particles, fungus, debris, dirt, and leaves, so a weekly service is essential in keeping a pool looking sparkling new year round and ensuring enjoyment of your pool. Regular maintenance that keeps a pool clean and the equipment running well also extends the life of a pool, in addition to its appearance.

Choosing the Right Pool Service Company

If you live in the Austin area and need a reliable pool cleaning Austin, Texas area service company to clean and maintain your pool, some factors to consider when choosing a company include price, experience, and level of service. A good pool cleaning company should offer a variety of maintenance plans that fit a customer’s needs and budget, and have experienced technicians available for weekly servicing. They should also be professional, reliable, and able to offer their clients a high level of service that includes using high quality, commercial grade equipment that cleans and maintains your pool in a way that you otherwise might not be able to do for yourself.

Residential vs. Commercial Pool Services

There are many pool maintenance Austin area companies available to service both commercial and residential pools in the Austin, Texas area, so depending on what type of pool you have you’ll want to choose a company that has experience working with the type of pool you have. Understanding the importance of regularly maintaining a community’s pool, regularly following through on maintenance projects, and the importance of helping a community stay on budget are all factors commercial pool owners should consider when hiring a pool service company. For residents who need assistance cleaning and maintaining their pool at home, a good service company should be keeping a customer’s pool chemically safe to swim in and looking out for any potential issues with your pool and communicating them early on to keep you from having to spend money in costly repairs down the road.

How To Safeguard Your Pool Before a Storm

In Circle C and other Austin area communities, residential and commercial pool owners can take precautions to protect their pool during the rainy months when heavier rain storms are more likely to hit. Before a big storm it is a good idea to remove automatic pool maintenance equipment as well as pool floats, games, and toys and bring them inside. Also, be sure to turn off and cover your pump, and put a cover over your filter and heater as well before a storm arrives.