Austin Pool Cleaning & Maintenance Service in Lakeway, Texas

Austin Pool Cleaning & Maintenance Service in Lakeway, Texas

If you own a pool, whether it is a tranquil pond-like place to float lazily or a sprawling waterway that would make tropical resorts envious, you know how happy and peaceful life becomes when that crystal clear water catches the sun just right. It makes your day better. It makes you want to go get your sunglasses and lotion and cancel all your appointments. It makes having a pool worthwhile. As the area’s top Austin pool cleaning company, we understand.

You really don’t want to be the other guy. We’ve all known that guy. The one with the dingy pool covered with leaves and debris from his trees and the neighbor’s trees and trees from down the block. A dirty pool makes everyone sad, even the guy down the block.


Then there’s the safety issue. A dirty pool is a risk. Pool water can easily become a source of infections. Many bacteria thrive in warm water, especially in moderate to warm climates. Improper chemical balance in a swimming pool can irritate skin and cause swimmers to become ill if swallowed. If the pool is dirty and it’s already making you sad, it definitely shouldn’t be allowed to make you sick!

Good pool maintenance is a must if you want to enjoy your investment to its fullest. You want your family to be safe and happy, and there’s no better way to do that than to take good care of your pool or spa.  At Clear Expectations, we treat every customer’s pool as if it were our own pool. We make maintenance and industry-leading cleaning services our top priority, and we strive to make your pool or spa the showpiece of your property.

Setting the Standard

Clear Expectations has been serving the Austin pool cleaning and Austin pool maintenance markets for more than 20 years. We’re a family-owned business committed to serving the Lakeway, Round Rock, Westlake, Cedar Park, Circle C, Bee Cave, and other neighboring areas.  We put our customers and their satisfaction first and we’ve made a career out of putting the area’s top expert pool maintenance staff together with state-of-the-art tools and knowledge so we can keep our position as the top pool cleaning and maintenance firm in Austin.

Saving our Customers Time and Money

Most pool owners would be astonished at how fast the mechanical equipment they use to filter and circulate their pool water can be degraded. They would be twice astonished if they saw the difference in fuel or electricity costs to maintain temperature in an improperly maintained pool as compared to a well-maintained pool.  Knowledgeable and experienced pool maintenance Austin personnel can identify problems before they become critical, and can recommend repairs that will head off future expenses and potentially catastrophic equipment replacement or construction costs.

The underwater surface of your pool is just as vital as the exterior of your home. How fast does the average homeowner move if there’s a crack in the living room wall? Now consider for a moment a 450 square foot pool with an average depth of just five feet. That underwater surface is containing and supporting 80 tons of water 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Wouldn’t it be nice to be certain that surface is in good repair and isn’t undergoing unnecessary structural or chemical stress? It sure would, because you can be sure it won’t be nice if you have to replace it!

Remember those chemicals in your pool water? Now imagine too high a concentration of those chemicals eating away at your filter and heating equipment. Imagine them bleaching your cover and the expensive tile work on your steps.  Imagine what might happen if someone with skin condition or allergy spent a little too much time playing water volleyball in the shallow section. This isn’t what you signed up for when you got a pool, was it? You wanted outdoor BBQs and summer parties. You wanted to have family and friends over and have a good time!  The fact is having the right pool cleaning Austin company on your side will help you enjoy those good times and avoid the unnecessary expense.


At Clear Expectations, we make it a priority to visit all our customers’ pools once per week as part of our premium maintenance and cleaning schedule.  We make sure to identify any problems as quickly as we can and do whatever is necessary to remedy maintenance or cleaning issues. Our weekly pool maintenance service includes the following on each service trip:

  •     Clean waterline tile – Important to prevent mold, algae, debris or potential bacterial buildup  
  •     Net out all debris – Prevents clogging or interference with filter and heating equipment and circulation lines
  •     Vacuum your pool and spa as needed – Removes heavy debris and sediment
  •     Brush the sides and steps – Clears buildup of potential sources of cloudy water and bacteria
  •     Complete a battery of chemical tests – Helps diagnose potential imbalances and safety issues
  •     Adjust chemicals as needed to provide a safe swimming environment – Maintenance is key
  •     Clean out automatic cleaner basket and/or bags – Helps preserve pool equipment durability and good repair
  •     Empty all skimmer baskets – Can help determine potential sources of hazardous debris
  •     Empty pump baskets – Maintaining mechanical integrity reduces expenses
  •     Visual inspection of all equipment – Can diagnose operational issues before they become critical
  •     Pro-active communication to ensure longevity of equipment – Knowledge is power

Our Commitment

Having a pool is a big responsibility. At the same time, having a great looking and well-maintained pool is a source of great pride.  We help you tackle the former so you can enjoy the latter, and we do it with professionalism, attention to detail and a reputation that is unmatched in the industry or in our area. We’re at the top of our game and we can’t wait to show you what is possible with your pool and your property. Give us a chance to show you what we can do, and we guarantee you will be as excited as we are with the results!