Austin Pool Cleaning & Maintenance Service in Round Rock, Texas

Pool Maintenance in Round Rock, Texas – Austin Pool Cleaning

Owning a pool is one of life’s most enjoyable responsibilities. Looking out over that crystal clear water as the sun dances on the surface makes even exhausted people want to just dive in and spend the rest of the day floating on something inflatable with one of those umbrella drinks and vaguely Hawaiian music playing nearby. It makes the day better and makes tomorrow look pretty good too. We’re one of the region’s most experienced Austin pool cleaning companies, and believe us when we tell you we get it.

Now imagine the other guy for a moment. There are things growing in his pool. Unnatural things. There’s debris, leaves and even gum wrappers floating on the water. You’re hoping and praying that someone will come clean it all up, because it’s making you sad. It’s frightening the children. Someone must clean this pool!


The fact is, a dirty pool is a major risk. Not only can pool water be a source of bacterial infections, it can also be the source of dangerous chemical interactions. Bacteria can grow rapidly in warm swimming pool water, especially if there is a long-standing food supply and the maintenance equipment is not quite up to the job. Having the wrong chemical balance in the water can be highly dangerous and even a potential source of liability for you as the pool owner. Remember the guy with the things growing in the pool?  Now imagine if they could make you sick!

You want to enjoy your investment, and you want your family and friends to do the same. Safety and happiness in your pool don’t have to be luxuries. At Clear Expectations we know there’s no better way than to take good care of your pool and spa and to treat it as if it were our very own. Top-of-the-industry service in both pool cleaning and pool maintenance are our top priorities, because we want you to enjoy the feeling of making your pool your property’s showpiece.

Setting the Standard

At Clear Expectations, we have more than 20 years in the Austin pool cleaning and Austin pool maintenance markets. As a long-established family business we are committed to serving the Lakeway, Round Rock, Westlake, Cedar Park, Circle C, Bee Cave, and other neighboring areas.  Our customers and their satisfaction are central to our success, and we believe having expert pool maintenance staff equipped with state-of-the-art knowledge and tools will keep us in our unrivaled position as the top pool cleaning and maintenance firm in Austin.

Saving our Customers Time and Money

The mechanical equipment you use to circulate and filter your pool water is just as susceptible to breakdown and degradation as any other device or engine.  The costs involved in repairing or replacing improperly maintained equipment are staggering, and if you combine them with the added energy costs involved in trying to heat and move the water in your pool when it isn’t up to standards can make the prospect of owning a pool a financial nightmare. Knowledgeable and experienced pool maintenance Austin personnel work tirelessly on finding problems before they become disasters, and will help guide you in avoiding future replacement and construction setbacks.

Even the smallest pools carry a big load. A 450 square foot pool with an average depth of five feet contains eighty tons of water. That’s roughly the weight of two dozen cars! There’s nothing else on your property that has to hold up that much weight day to day, hour to hour. That’s why you need to be on top of your maintenance agenda. If that surface is undergoing unusual stress, it’s much better to find out about it before it requires a construction crew and two weeks of having a really big hole in your yard.

Then we come to the chemicals. Maintaining pH balance in your water is a must. Keeping the water clean with chlorine treatments is equally vital. Now what if those chemicals aren’t being measured or balanced properly?  What if they start eating away at your fixtures, tile and pool cover? Imagine what they might be doing to your filter and mechanical equipment? What about your lights or your heater? You wanted to have back yard parties and diving competitions around a BBQ gathering! You didn’t sign up for this!  The fact is having the right pool cleaning Austin company on your side will help you enjoy those good times and avoid the unnecessary expense.


We make it our job at Clear Expectations to visit all our customers’ pool sites weekly as part of our premium maintenance and cleaning schedule.  Our maintenance and cleaning service includes identifying problems quickly and the following on each and every service trip:

  •     Clean waterline tile – Important to prevent mold, algae, debris or potential bacterial buildup  
  •     Net out all debris – Prevents clogging or interference with filter and heating equipment and circulation lines
  •     Vacuum your pool and spa as needed – Removes heavy debris and sediment
  •     Brush the sides and steps – Clears buildup of potential sources of cloudy water and bacteria
  •     Complete a battery of chemical tests – Helps diagnose potential imbalances and safety issues
  •     Adjust chemicals as needed to provide a safe swimming environment – Maintenance is key
  •     Clean out automatic cleaner basket and/or bags – Helps preserve pool equipment durability and good repair
  •     Empty all skimmer baskets – Can help determine potential sources of hazardous debris
  •     Empty pump baskets – Maintaining mechanical integrity reduces expenses
  •     Visual inspection of all equipment – Can diagnose operational issues before they become critical
  •     Pro-active communication to ensure longevity of equipment – Knowledge is power

Our Commitment

A great-looking and well maintained pool is its own reward. We want you to enjoy your investment and we want to make sure it is in good shape like all the other pools we’ve cared for over the years. Being part of our pool cleaning Austin TX customer family is joining a firm with an unmatched reputation for excellence and peerless customer service. We can’t wait to show you what’s possible!