Do Your Eyes Burn After Swimming? Here’s What To Do Next

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That irritating, burning sensation that we get in our eyes after swimming can be bothersome when we first get out of the water, because chlorine, the chemical used to terminate harmful bacteria in swimming pools, removes the protective tear layer around our eyes that’s there to protect our cornea, causing our eyes to get dehydrated so when we get out of the water and our eyes are immediately exposed to air we feel a burning, irritated sensation. Luckily though, there are things you can do to help your eyes if your eyes get irritated after taking a dip in the pool.

Healing Irritated Eyes Post Swim

The best way to protect eyes in the water is by wearing goggles when swimming in the pool. If you go swimming without goggles though, and you’re eyes are burning afterwards you can help to soothe them by rinsing your eyes in cool water which will help to wash away chlorine and other chemicals that can get in our eyes after swimming. Simply take a cup of cool water and pour it over one eye and then the other eye while standing over the sink, repeat a couple of times as needed.

Additional Tips on Treating Irritated Eyes After a Swim

If washing your eyes with cool water doesn’t help, you can also try normal saline, or a saline solution that is made for the eyes. You can keep a small bottle of saline solution, or an eye drop made specifically to be anti-inflammatory in your pool bag at all times if your eyes are particularly sensitive to the chlorine and other pool chemicals. For pool owners in the Austin, Texas area where it gets warm in the summer, hiring an Austin pool maintenance company to keep pH levels in your pool properly balanced will help keep eyes from getting overly irritated from too much chlorine during those warm months when the pool gets used often.

Weekly Pool Cleanings Don’t Just Benefit Our Eyes, Its Extends the Life of a Pool Too

Maintenance and pool cleaning service for Austin homeowners as well as any homeowner with a pool will help to keep a pool not only looking sparkling new year round, but it will also help to extend the life of a pool and keep it safe to swim in because of all the harmful bacteria that can accumulate in unclean pool water. If you happen to live in the Austin area, getting a pool cleaning in Austin, TX is not hard to come by because of all the pool cleaning companies operating in the area. Austin residents with pools should look for a Austin weekly pool cleaning service company that performs a variety of tasks such as conducting chemical tests and adjusting chemicals as needed, clearing out automatic baskets, netting out all debris, and visually inspecting equipment to help keep a pool clean and safe to use any time of year, especially during those warm summer months!