Hidden Gems to go to When You Visit Austin

If you are planning on visiting Austin, Texas in the future, you are probably looking for information about places you should visit during your stay there. When you visit these sites, you will a truly new perspective of the city of Austin.

Austin Panic Room

This site is located in the heart of Austin right off of Rio Grande Street. When you visit the Austin Panic Room, you and your group of people are put in an enclosed room that has a lot of hidden clues in it. You are supposed to complete the mission in a hour or less. Before you begin your mission, you get to choose what type of mission you are going on. The choices include bomb room, abandoned school room, or a museum room. Each mission has their own individual goals and rules. They change their missions every six months so you can come back and have a new mission. You truly get to know someone after visiting the Austin Panic Room. It is recommended that you make a reservation so they are not booked up when you visit there. It is only $20 per person, per visit. You just have to keep in mind that clues can be found anywhere. They are strategically placed in the rooms. As long as you think outside of the box, you will succeed in your mission.

Firehouse Hostel and Lounge

The Firehouse is home to a pre-prohibition style speakeasy lounge. They serve great pre-prohibition style drinks, large cocktails, and a great variety of food. The whole hostel and lounge truly makes their guests feel like they are stepping into a time machine and are back in the 1920’s hiding from the police during prohibition while you are enjoying your drink. Their guests also love visiting there because they regularly have live musicians playing there. If you choose to stay there, you will get free WI-FI, free breakfast, bedding, and towels.

The Museum of Natural and Artificial Ephemerata

This museum is a family-run collection of bizarre items from around the world. Things like a two-headed cow and mermaids can regularly be seen at the museum. When visitors walk around this museum, they can expect to be surprised at every turn.

Falkenstein Castle

This castle lies in the heart of hill country. The rooms in this castle stretch out to 175,000 square feet on an 113 acre plot of land. It supports the Texas state motto that everything is bigger in Texas.

Hamilton Pool Reserve

Austin commercial pool service helps maintain Hamilton Pool which is a great place to cool off when it is very hot outside. Many years ago, the roof of an underground river gave way and it revealed pristine water and made a great place for people who visit or live in Austin to swim in.

Casa Neverlandia

This is not a standard art gallery. It is a two-bedroom, eco-friendly home that has been filled with pieces over time. It is a bungalow-style building that is full of quirky constructions that will remind people that visit there of their favorite Dr. Seuss book. It is one of the world’s greenest and unusual homes.

Visiting these gems in Austin, Texas will make your visit there a truly special experience that you will never, ever forget about.