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At Clear Expectations, we offer all-inclusive pool and spa maintenance services for residential and commercial properties in Austin and its surrounding areas.


Pool Maintenance Services in Austin, Texas

Having a swimming pool is an attractive addition to your home or commercial property. However, maintaining it requires time and effort. Unless you have the time, knowledge, and supplies to protect it, choosing the right pool maintenance company is critical.

At Clear Expectations, we offer all-inclusive pool and spa services for residential and commercial properties in Austin and its surrounding areas. We serve Lakeway, Round Rock, Westlake, Cedar Park, Circle C, Bee Cave, and more! Our professionally trained service team will handle all aspects of maintaining your pool, allowing you an opportunity to enjoy it!

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Maintaining Chemical Levels

Enjoying your pool starts with having the water properly balanced. Lack of frequent pool cleaning and disinfecting places anyone who swims at risk of infections. A clear pool does not always mean it is a safe pool. Calcium Hardness, Chlorine, PH, Alkalinity, and stabilizer levels are just a few of the chemicals that play an important role in ensuring your pool is safe to swim in. An improperly balanced pool could lead to skin irritation, infection, and/or equipment damage as well as pool surface staining. At Clear Expectations, we are experts in swimming pool chemistry. We are committed to your well-being and will ensure your pool is perfectly balanced, keeping it safe for your family and aesthetically pleasing.

Your swimming pool is a huge investment, and proper care is essential. It is important to hire a licensed, professional and knowledgeable company to protect your investment.   If you are looking for a company to exceed your expectations, give us a call!

One of the best and trusted pool maintenance companies in Austin, TX

Why Clear Expectations? With over 20 years in the pool industry, our experience paired with our commitment to customer service and setting the standard in our industry makes us the clear choice to service and clean your pool. We are a family-owned business that is passionate about the swimming pool industry as well as our customers. Let our expert staff start servicing your pool so you can spend more time enjoying your backyard and less time worrying about it!

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Equipment Repair and Installation

In order to keep your swimming pool sparkling, it is essential that your equipment is working properly.   Small repairs left unattended can lead to more expensive repairs in the future. Clear Expectations can handle all of your repair needs from filters, lights, pumps, timers, heaters as well as complete equipment upgrades and installations.

Have confidence that the repair will get handled correctly the first time by our factory trained repair staff.  Our professional and knowledgeable repair team will provide you with options and help you determine the best solution for your needs.

We offer services in Austin and its neighboring cities and specialize in both residential and commercial repairs.

In addition to leaving the pool sparkling and chemically balanced, inspecting the equipment and performing routine is critical to a healthy pool and helps improve the longevity of the equipment. Backwashing and cleaning the filter is critical to making sure the system is running efficiently. A dirty filter can put an added strain on the pump and contribute to algae blooms, due to a lack of waterflow. Additionally, strainer pump baskets that are not emptied and filled with debris, can cause a pump to lose its prime, run dry and potentially damage your equipment. Clear Expectations will inspect your equipment, empty the debris from your pump basket, backwash the filter as needed and visually inspect all other equipment and communicate to the homeowner and/or staff.

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