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“As a realtor and developer I had many options in selecting a pool contractor for my personal home. A friend recommended Matt with Clear Expectations and after interviewing him I knew I’d found the best there is! Matt was different than most in that he takes a hands-on approach to the project. Most pool companies have a sales rep meet to present a proposal and then you never see that person again. I liked that the guy that was making the promises would be there on the job to be accountable. Matt did that from start to finish and went ABOVE AND BEYOND with some extras (gas line to a fire pit) thrown in rather than nickel and diming me. I’m a perfectionist and he never once complained about the little details I asked to be addressed.

Matt happened to have the lowest price of the 4 other pool companies I met. We LOVE our pool and couldn’t recommend Clear Expectations more!

Ryan D.

The review is taken from Yelp

“My husband met with 3 pool resurfacing companies and did a few hours of research on the web. We closed the deal with Matt at Clear Expectations because of his knowledge of his industry, his responsiveness and punctuality, and the ease of doing business with him.

He kept us in the loop on the progress of the work and explained when some changes were necessary.

He understood our concerns about cost and making the right choice now so there would be no regrets down the road.

The job was finished last week but Matt has continued stopping by.

He has been keeping an eye on the condition of the pool and let me know he is available going forward when I have questions about maintaining the proper balancing of chemicals in the water.

We highly recommend him.

Cindy c.

The review is taken from Yelp

“Clear expectations has been Servicing my pool for a few years now and I have been extremely pleased. They are professional, well priced, and honest about any work that needs to be done. Recently I needed my pool resurfaced and asked Matt about the job, I was able to review the project with matt on 4 separate occasions in person at my house before we even decided to go with his company. He walked me through each step and explained the entire process. After receiving other bids and dealing with other contractors, going with Clear Expectations was an easy choice. Most important of all the pool turned out perfect. Customer service, delivering on their word and the final result was all top-notch.

Eric L.

The review is taken from Yelp

Very reliable. Have never missed our weekly service. Knowledgeable when dealing with replacement of parts and system management. Good pricing. In summary, very happy with CE.

Ale De La Mora

The review is taken from Facebook

Mike and his team have helped us out countless times when we have needed pool repairs. They always show up when expected and always follow up after the repair to make sure everything is working as it should. So thankful we have such a dependable company to call when we need help!

Jennifer Finley Little

The review is taken from Facebook

We get our weekly service done by Rob. He is thorough & explains the equipment well. Very happy with their service!

Brian Vest

The review is taken from Facebook

The entire team at Clear Expectations has been fabulous to work with on maintaining our pool and the pool chemicals. We are first-time pool owners and it was stressful for the first 18 months trying to keep the pool balanced and equipment working flawlessly. We tried it ourselves as well as other service companies. Then we found Clear Expectations and they made owning a pool simple and fun. We now get to do what we originally planned….have fun in the pool stress-free! They are thorough and always ahead as the needs change depending upon the season. If a complication ever arises, they respond very timely and follow up to confirm it has been resolved to our satisfaction. In my opinion, they not only meet clear expectations but exceed clear expectations. Thankful to have their TLC on our pool.

Kristen Crofford McGee

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“We do our own maintaining of our pool, but as things go sometimes we need help with a problem we can’t solve. Clear Expectations has always been there for us! Whether it was out of control algae over the summer or a clogged pool pipe, not only do they have us up and running again in no time, they also come back and check the next day to make sure everything is still good. I would not hesitate to recommend Mike and his crew to any pool owner and only wish he had been around when we were building our pool as I know his team’s attention to detail would have made the whole pool building process a breeze. Thanks Mike!!!

Jennifer L.
Lakeway, TX

The review is taken from Yelp

“I needed to replace a pool pump, a spa pump, and a filter.

At first Matt visited to give me a quote. He figured out the problem with my spa pump and fixed it in minutes. It was a power problem, the pump was OK and he did not even bill me for it. I had another company look at it before Clear Expectation but they just wanted to replace the good pump and it could cost me over a $1000. Thank you Matt.

Then the company sent Troy to replace the pool filter and pump. He was very nice, on time, very knowledgeable, and surprisingly quick. Because I was not home at the time he was done, he even came back next week to give me a demo and ask if I have any questions.

I was so impressed I even started to use their weekly pool service. I highly recommend this company.

Reza M.

The review is taken from Yelp

Super impressed with this company. I have been using them for over a year now to service my pool and spa. In that time, the pool has been rock solid. I have not had any flare ups on algae, or chemical levels. It’s been consistently clean and comfortable. Everyone employee I have dealt with has been extremely friendly and professional. The Tech who services our pool every week is really good. Shows up every week, same day, same time, without fail, and is very thorough – no cutting corners. I’ve had a few things happen with my equipment and they have quickly fixed. This company really goes above and beyond so I highly recommend.

Chris T.

The review is taken from Yelp

“I have been working with Clear Expectations for 3 years now. The team in the office is always friendly and helpful with questions and concerns.

I originally had hired them to re-plaster my pool and spa with mini pebble. I still use them for current maintenance and cleaning. The service tech Jeff comes once a week to balance and maintain the water chemistry. He is friendly responsible and trustworthy.

Clear Expectations is one of the best pool contracting companies in San Diego. I highly recommend Matt and his company to anyone looking for great customer service accompanied by quality services.

Couldn’t be happier

Will M.

The review is taken from Yelp

“I have not work with Clear Expectations yet but used their knowledge to get more information on how to renovate/demolish a pool at a property I was looking to purchase.

Within 10 minutes they had answered all my questions and even gave me an estimated cost for the services I was looking for -even without seen the property (keep in mind they will always have to walk through the property to give exact proposals for their services). Matt, the owner, was very helpful and made me understand that buying a different property my be more beneficial for me.

It is great to know we have these awesome, helpful, and efficient businesses in the community.

Irene B.

The review is taken from Yelp

Came out quickly as assessed our problem. Kendra kept in touch with us and scheduling was easy and flexible. Thank you for fixing our heater!

Katherine K.

The review is taken from Yelp

Justin is the best pool guy there is!!

Also everyone at Clear Expectations is great. They responded immediately and take care of anything we need. Kendra in the office cares a lot about customers and we are extremely happy with their service!!

Gabor V.

The review is taken from Yelp

We have found these guys reliable, reasonable, honest, & extremely helpful. It can get stressful managing the upkeep and maintenance of our pool, and these guys always do a great job with whatever issues seem to pop up at the worst of times. Thank you guys for the excellent service to date.

Nick H.

The review is taken from Yelp

“Wow! I just can’t thank Shawn enough for being there when I needed service for my rental unit! I had an issue with my spa on Labor Day weekend and after calling numerous places on the 3 day weekend, I received a return call immediately from Shawn! Needless to say he was the only company to return my call! My spa was leaking and had an urgent issue and I was frantic. Shawn was able to troubleshoot my issue the very next day! He was very transparent and communicated with me every step of the repair process! He ordered my part, being an older spa he really had to call numerous suppliers, kept me in the loop of lead times so I could share with my tenants and gave me an expected repair date! To his word, my spa is up and running!!! He also assisted us with locating a spa cover at a very reasonable cost!! Clear Expectations totally went above and beyond!! I am so grateful!!! Thank you Shawn!!!!

Gloria H.

The review is taken from Yelp

I can’t begin to explain how thankful I am to have come across Clear Expectations and their team of experts. I have had such a great experience from the moment I called in to request a quote. Their staff is professional and is always ready to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Their service technicians are always polite and patient enough to take the time to explain things about my pool equipment that I don’t understand. I had a terrible experience with the last pool service company I used and these guys took the initiative to get my pool back to normal as quickly as possible and then some!”

Jeff D.

The review is taken from Yelp

Responsive, knowledgeable, hard-working, excellent service. Matt tested components of our aging system, diagnosed our pump and filter problem, and cleaned our neglected circulation over the holidays. Two other pool services didn’t respond to our inquiries. Pricing was lower than expected for five-star quality.

Steve L.

The review is taken from Yelp

“Recently moved to my home. First time pool/spa owner.

Ended up switching pool company and decide to use clear expectation. I have been thrilled at the service I have received thus far. They go above and beyond when I am having issues. They are also very patient with me being new to this.

I highly recommend their services!”

Lawrence W.

The review is taken from Yelp

“Clear Expectations was recommended to us by a friend, and blew us out of the water with their exceptional services. Matt was very friendly and communicated with us the whole time on what was wrong with our pool. He gave us a great price and was very responsive when we had more questions.”

Chloe A.

The review is taken from Yelp

“I just got my old pool pump replaced by Clear Expectations. I got three quotes quickly from Clear Expectations, one for replacing just the motor of the old pump, one for replacing the whole pump with a mid level pump, the last one for replacing the whole pump with a high-end pump, which enabled me to make an informed decision.

Scheduling the repair service was smooth and easy even considering the rainy days that had complicated the scheduling. The tech arrived on time, was very courteous and professional. The existing PVC pipe somehow expanded just slightly enough through years of usage that it couldn’t fit with the new pump’s pipe. The tech had to cut out the whole section between the filter and the pump and replaced it with new PVC pipe to make it work.

I am very satisfied with the works done and the pleasant service I received from Kendra and the tech. Now I am all ready for the summer pool fun time.

Xuemei Z.

The review is taken from Yelp

Excellent service and rates! We use Clear Expectations for our Luxury Vacation Rentals in San Diego and they always have prompt and thorough service which leaves us with happy guests!

Soraya S.

The review is taken from Yelp

Great company to work with! Ours was not an easy job – bring an old pool up to code and install a new heater. Matt and his team rose to the challenge and did an outstanding job! His team is professional, hard work and professional and friendly. We are ecstatic with the end result! Thank you Matt and team!”

Brenda J.

The review is taken from Yelp

“Clear Expectations has been servicing a pool at one of our rental properties for 3 years and it has been nothing but a positive experience. The staff is knowledgeable, professional, and reliable. In addition to regular cleaning and maintenance, they have also done diagnostics and repairs to the pool heater (gas valve and control module). Their pricing is very fair, and their service agreements are very straight forward. As a property manager, I wish I had more vendors like them and that all of our pools were within their service area!”

Dave P.

The review is taken from Yelp

Clear Expectations has clearly exceeded my expectations 😉 I’m a first-time pool owner and they have been doing a phenomenal job. This is only my first month with them and I felt compelled to write about my experience.

After trying to maintain my pool on my own for a little while, I decided to look for some help. I did my homework, researched the highest rated pool services combined with reasonable pricing (and word of mouth).

After going through and checking a few companies I decided to try CE.

They sent Matt out for the initial consultation and he was awesome. He was extremely professional and answered alllllll of my random questions and it turns out my algae problem was related to my phosphate levels 😐

I was so pleased I wanted to sign up as soon as possible. So they sent out the next guy named Brennan to handle my algae problem. He was/is super positive, friendly, professional, respectful, knowledgeable, and honest. He also answered all of my random questions and walked me through exactly what he was doing.

Then I was able to meet Maurice who will be the person coming by every week to take care of the pool. He is also super cool, nice, respectful and is willing to stop whatever he’s doing to answer my questions.

I am giving CE 5 stars because Brennan has gone above and beyond with his customer service by responding to a frantic text about my pool pump acting up. He gave me valuable information about what to check and what to look for and gave me the peace of mind knowing that my pool and I are in great hands :)”

James O.

The review is taken from Yelp

They are very professional, and our pool has been super clean and good looking. While my husband was out on the road during the hot summer of 2015, I really needed help cleaning and maintaining the pool. I am so glad that Yelp had reviews on pool maintenance. It was an easy decision to call Clear Expectations after reading some good reviews. There always be some negative ones whether they are legitimate or not.

The first phone conversation already gave me a good feel about the business, and the rep who came over completely impressed me with knowledge and professionalism. I received a quote email right away, signed the contract, the maintenance started, and all is well.

We’ve just had lights replaced in the pool by Clear Expectations since Sun Pool & Spa Supply failed to complete the warranty work. (It’s a long story to be written on the latter’s review…) I’ve received an estimate for the lights the next day, and they were very good at answering all my questions. The installer came right after signing the contract, and the installation was done very quickly. The lights are working beautifully, and we are very happy.

Niko S.

The review is taken from Yelp

“After working with the larger pool companies around San Diego, it was great to find Matt and the folks at Clear Expectations. Personal attention, thoughtful/detailed quotation and excellent execution – that’s about all one can ask for in a service provider. We had mineral blasting to clean the water line and tile repaired/replaced in the hot tub – great job and we’ll come back again. I wish the team the best of luck and hope you give the “big guys” a run for their money!

Curtis S.

The review is taken from Yelp

Matt and his team at Clear Expectations are at the top of my list for referrals. I am in the solar thermal business and receive a large number of requests for work that is out of our wheelhouse, such as pool plaster, remodeling, etc. The clients that I have referred to Matt are thankful to have found him. He is totally dependable, does great quality work, and totally professional.

Danielle E.

The review is taken from Yelp

“I was assigned Clear Expectations by our warranty company because of problems with the filter pump and the check valve for the spa. I filed the claim Monday morning and received a call from Kendra that afternoon. She was very pleasant and scheduled their technician (Sean) to come our the next day. Sean arrived as promised and we both agreed on the repairs which were needed. He had to get approval from AHS and two days later he returned to complete the repairs. Sean was very professional and friendly. I could not have had a better experience.

Bob P.

The review is taken from Yelp

Clear Expectations did a great job at a fair price, helping with a project that involved enhancing some artificial rock. Their crew was courteous and professional. I would recommend them for any pool related project or repair. Matt was great to deal with; Chris is an artist with staining and paint.”

Erik b.

The review is taken from Yelp

Pool heater install and spa maintenance. Jared, Matt and Kendra were all very thorough and professional. I was very happy with the work and would recommend the company.

Corey A.

The review is taken from Yelp

“Having gone through numerous pool services while renting my home I have finally found a great one to work with. I am attaching an email from my tenant that I recently received regarding Clear Expectations:

They’ve been doing a good job. The pool has looked great the whole time they’ve been servicing it and they respond conscientiously to any issues or questions we’ve raised. They know and respect the customer service boundary differences between them and us as tenants and them and you as property owner. In my opinion, this company is definitely a keeper.”

Thank you for being a reliable, honest, and caring business to work with. A true GEM!

Deb C.

The review is taken from Yelp

The name of this company couldn’t be any more appropriate!

Clear pool, clear walls, clear filters, clear maintenance, clear communication, clear service, and way above my expectations!

This is my third pool service in 12 years and after living with really poor service for the last 5 years, I can’t believe the difference they’ve made in just a few short months. The service is like clockwork, appropriate for the needs of the pool on that day, and no short-cuts are taken to save time. The monthly cost of this great quality work is exactly the same as it was for the 10 minutes once-a-week that I was getting from the last guys. I highly recommend that you give this team a try.

Thanks Matt and everyone-keep up the great work!

Bradley W.

The review is taken from Yelp

“We bought a home with an incomplete pool. We used clear expectations to complete the pool including a new quartz surface and some updating to the equipment. The customer service was outstanding! Matt and his team were amazing to work with. I would HIGHLY recommend this company! We’ve also been using them for our weekly pool maintenance at another property and have been extremely pleased with their work and customer service!”

Marisa R.

The review is taken from Yelp

“This is our second pool service company – and the difference couldn’t be more evident! Clear Expectations provides the type of service I was looking for. For less money than I paid my last pool service Clear Expectations does more and I don’t have to wonder if they’ve been by or bothered to vacuum the pool. Yep, my previous service felt that getting the debris out of the pool with a net was sufficient, no need to vacuum, or sweep the walls – no wonder the pool kept turning green! I really wish I had changed sooner!

Clear Expectations hasn’t missed a week and I don’t have to hound them to do the work they are contracted for – and the pool looks terrific!

I waited 6 months to write this review, just to make sure they were as good as they seemed, and they are! Do yourself a favor and hire this company to take care of your pool.”

Kathy C.

The review is taken from Yelp

“Was having trouble with my new salt pool chlorine generator (AquaPure), so after talking to the manufacturer (Jandy/Zodiac) asked them to recommend a good warranty service. They suggested Clear Expectations.

All I can say is I am so glad they did. Clear Expectations lives up to its name – they are quick to reply to email/phone calls, know they stuff and quickly resolve issues, educating you along the way without trying to sell you something you don’t need.

Although I haven’t personally met Matt (just email correspondence), I can tell he is a class act and runs a tight ship. The Pool Tech he sent out (Shawn) is very professional, knowledgeable and someone you want working on your pool equipment.

When it comes to servicing anything at my home, I have very high expectations. I can unequivocally say that Clear Expectations did not disappoint.

J A.

The review is taken from Yelp

“We use Clear Expectations on our personal pool as well as all of our remodel projects. We highly recommend their services. They never skip a step and are very affordable and trustworthy. Thank you so much for providing such great services. We will continue to refer people to you!

Lindsey H.

The review is taken from Yelp

Pros: very professional and excellent quality of service

Cons: none

Verdict: probably the best pool cleaning business in San Diego county.

Overview: I have been a pool owner for nearly two decades and have worked with many different cleaning companies. From one-man operations to larger service providers, and while it is easy to think that all pool cleaners are the same, they really are not. I was tired of dealing with unreliable service providers who inevitably ended up creating more problems and costs and brought frustration, rather than value to the table.

I was looking for a pool cleaning business that was reliable, knowledgeable and professional.

Experience: I have been a customer for over two years and can say without a doubt that Clear Expectations delivers. They have an excellent customer service team that is responsive, professional and highly customer focused. They have always stood behind everything they do and are sincere in providing the finest pool service possible at competitive prices. They are also very much a modern business, and are consistently seeking feedback on what they can do better to make customers happy. You just don’t see this level of professionalism with pool cleaning operations, and Clear Expectations truly stands apart from all others.

Their service is responsive, their fees are very reasonable, and the quality of service is the best. Clear Expectations service department is highly responsive to customer concerns and I have found their on-site pool cleaners to be very well trained and professional, and they genuinely care about the appearance and maintenance of the pools they service.

They recently replaced the filter system on my pool as it was beyond its operating life and was getting costly to operate and maintain. Despite the rather large size of my pool and the over-sized equipment required, they were able to get everything replaced in just a few days and I could not be happier. Their cost was very competitive and the quality of the installation was superb.


I have worked with many pool service providers and Clear Expectations is the finest operation in San Diego county.

Give them a chance to earn your business. You will not be disappointed.

Andy N.

The review is taken from Yelp

“I am a real estate agent and needed a pool inspection immediately while in escrow on a home. I called Clear Expectations at 7:30 am and someone answered! I got an appointment the very next day! They came on-time, did a wonderful job inspecting and sent a professional report to myself and my client. I couldn’t be happier with the service I had from them. I absolutely would use them again. Thanks Matt!!”

Kara W.

The review is taken from Yelp

“I live in the heart of La Jolla in a Spanish-style building with a seven-foot tall fountain in the center of the courtyard. When we decided we needed a professional service to maintain the water and quality of the fountain I first tried different service. After two months of not showing up when he said he would and other major problems (I could go on and on) we decided he was a flake and had to let him go.

When I saw the positive reviews of Clear Expectations here, I decided Matt and the staff at Clear Expectations were a good bet. Believe me, as a professional biochemist having formerly run a division of a biotech company, I have very high standards and when I give Matt and Clear Expectations five stars, they’ve earned it! Matt was incredibly professional; has detailed knowledge of water treatment, the mechanics of pool pumps, and how to best maintain pools and water features; and is incredibly reliable. He even offered advice about changing the way the fountain water is circulated and other ideas to better our experience.

I highly recommend Clear Expectations and very much enjoy working with Matt and Kathleen, his office manager. Thanks, Matt, for a job well done and I look forward to many years working with you and your staff. All my best!

Lori L.

The review is taken from Yelp

“Clear Expectations gets a 5-star review from me for several reasons. When I called to discuss my wants and needs with a pool cleaning service, the staff was so professional and attentive that I instantly felt like this was a company that would treat me as a close client and just not another number.

To personally meet the owners and have them assess what was needed to keep my pool top-notch was also an added benefit. Since having Clear Expectations, my pool has never looked better (even with all the wind daily we have been getting) and I am constantly being complimented by others for how it looks.

There was an issue a couple months back with my filter, and on a Saturday, the owner came to replace it with a smile on his face. Those are the kind of people that i choose to surround myself with and the reason I felt it was needed to write a review.

I recommend this company to anyone who takes pride in their pool the way that I do:)

Sam S.

The review is taken from Yelp

“A few months after my first review, I hired Clear Expectations to replace my pool pump motor and once again their service was excellent. Their price was reasonable and they were at my place within 2 days of my inquiry. Kendra was super helpful when I called way after normal business hours. She took my payment over the phone and scheduled my appointment for the very next day. Their tech Jamie was courteous, knowledgeable, professional and FAST! Hats off to the owner Matt for making my job a priority. My new pump motor is whisper-quiet so not only do I thank Clear Expectations, but so do my neighbors – great job guys!

Ron T.

The review is taken from Yelp

I have been dealing with Clear Expectations for a couple of months and the gentlemen that looks after my pool is great and very knowledgeable. My water and chemistry is perfect.

I also got quotes from a few different companies to replace my 16-year-old pump, filter and control panel and I went with Clear Expectation. The co-owner Matt and his team earned my business and took care of everything by being very straight forward, honest, and responsive. Their pricing was also very competitive and their employees prompt and professional. I can’t say enough about Matt – very customer-focused. Highly recommend.

Alen L.

The review is taken from Yelp

“I allowed my pool to get really dirty because I was out of work. I started a new job last month and found this pool cleaner based off the recommendation of a neighbor. He came over and did a really good job of cleaning my filters, and removing all the leaves that have accumulated. I went for a swim and was so happy things were back to normal. I have him coming over on a regular basis now.”

Bridget L.

The review is taken from Yelp

Clear expectations has the greatest customer service especially Troy! He is friendly, energetic, hard-working, and knowledgeable about what it takes to keep your pool and spa in excellent condition!

Linda B.

The review is taken from Yelp

“No choice but to give 5 stars. Matt, Kevin, and Kendra are all very professional and patient when it comes to a pool dummy (me). Communication is great, prices are comparable to all other pool places, and actually he was a little cheaper than a couple of other quotes on monthly service. They have been a joy to work with and I hope it stays that way. After reading the sketchy review about pool companies, its refreshing to have a company that emails and texts, you gotta keep up with the times. BTW the pool looks immaculate and I owe it all to the crew. Thanks again guys!

Saad H.

The review is taken from Yelp

Best pool service company! After 3 weeks of going in circles with another company, I called Clear Expectations for assistance. Immediately, Matt connected me with the pump manufacturer for warranty resolution, and my pump was fixed the next day. Shawn also did a follow-up within 24 hours to ensure all my pool equipment was running correctly, my water was balanced, and my pool was in top shape. Clear Expectations responded quickly with each phone call, and I couldn’t be more pleased. Clear Expectations is always courteous and professional every time I contact them. Clear Expectations is helping me with weekly maintenance, and I feel I’m in great hands.

Jeariene B.

The review is taken from Yelp

I could not recommend CLEAR EXPECTATIONS Pool and Spa more highly. I’ve seen Clear Expectations in my neighborhood taking care of my fellow neighbors with pools but it wasn’t until I experienced problems with my courtyard wall fountain did I have need to call on them. Matt Vedenoff with Clear Expectations was very clear and informative and professional in his email correspondence with me setting up my original and follow up appointments… ensuring I knew what to expect and whom to expect and when… and the two technicians Matt had over to my home, Troy and Shawn, were both very pleasant and competent professionals. Troy and Shawn were also both very clear in their communication with me when diagnosing my water feature problems and explaining what the solution would be… there was no upselling or unnecessary repair suggestions… instead, it felt more like Troy and Shawn were family members who came over to ensure what was needed to be done was done. I highly recommend Clear Expectations to anyone with a pool, a spa, and/or water feature… again, thanks Matt, Troy, and Shawn for taking care of me!

Raffi M.

The review is taken from Yelp

Excellent service. I called about our vinyl pool which needed a new liner. They don’t do that sort of work, but sent me to ABCO which was excellent. After the install, I had them come out to check things over. Shawn was very helpful and knowledgeable; answering my myriad questions. Wish I’d found these guys 10 years ago!

Richard R.

The review is taken from Yelp

“Kevin came and diagnosed within 5 minutes the air leaks in the pump system that the previous company wouldn’t remedy in 8 months. He had it fixed within the week. They’ve been caring for the pool now for three weeks and so far, the pool is crystal-clear, sparkly clean, and inviting. Professional, courteous, competent, and good customer communication.

Carol N.

The review is taken from Yelp

Can’t say enough about how professional and how considerate these people are. Chris came to our house to install a timer for us. After finishing that job, he also checked how the pool was running and how we could do better with cleaning the pool and saving a bit of money as well. They go beyond what they were asked to do. We also had great experience with Matt. He always puts his clients first. Great team!

Christina Y.

The review is taken from Yelp

I hired Clear Expectations a little over a year ago and have had nothing but an excellent experience so far. These guys are the definition of professionals!! I originally found them on yelp after having nothing but issues with other companies. Matt (the owner) took my phone call on a Saturday afternoon, I was desperate to have my pool going for a party! He and Shawn were there within an hour and had fixed my heater within minutes, my party was saved! I hired them on the spot!! Since then I have had several members of the Clear Expectations company at my house and all have been stellar. The office staff is always very prompt in responding to my emails and phone calls and the knowledge of the service guys is extraordinary. Clear Expectations is the best thing to happen to my pool in as long as I can remember!! If you are looking for a company that can handle ALL of your needs and that is willing to always go above and beyond to make you feel important these guys are the ones to call. I highly recommend you give them a call and you will see exactly what I have experienced. I promise you won’t be disappointed!!!

Amanda O.

The review is taken from Yelp

They are great!. Professional, prompt, honest, and helpful. Matt came by at 6 pm on a Friday to look at our equipment. He had a hard time saying anything bad about our old service although we were not happy with it. I had to convince him.

The service seems great. The water is already in better shape. They promise to vacuum the pool and spa every week. No one else has promised that. So far I have no reason to doubt them but stay tuned.

They also corrected the wiring of our automation/salt install. Again, very knowledgeable, prompt, and honest. Also very reasonable rates. Shawn did a great job and came back to go over things with me and make sure everything was setup the way we wanted”

Nader E.

The review is taken from Yelp

WOW, an absolute pleasure working with these guys. Very professional and courteous service. I wanted my single speed pool pump changed out to a variable speed, found one on Amazon for an excellent price and then looked around for someone to install it. Found Clear Expectations online and decided to email them for a quote….which came back to me in no time and very reasonable. Matt answered a ton of questions I had over email in a very responsive fashion and also alerted me to a SDGE rebate on the pump I had. Shaun came by exactly on time and did a great job installing the pump and fixing some of the tubing to the filter. I couldn’t be happier, top-notch service and definitely my go to guys the next time I need help with the pool.

Salman S.

The review is taken from Yelp

It’s hard to find this great of service in any industry let alone the pool industry. This company has consummate professionals that are extremely knowledgable in their field of service and have great customer service. I would highly recommend them.

Brad B.

The review is taken from Yelp

“I am one of the few who enjoys maintaining my own pool. On occasion, a repair is necessitated that is beyond what I am comfortable doing on my own. I had a problem where all my pump motors would not run, but all my other components (i.e. lights, valves, etc.) worked just fine. I checked all my circuit breakers and all were properly engaged. I called Clear Expectations after using Yelp to give me some assurance and Shawn came out and diagnosed the problem being the circuit breaker in my main panel. The breaker did not trip but for some reason he could only measure single-phase power. He was able to locate the same quad breaker I had in my panel and replaced the defective one.

He was very pleasant to work with and did not pressure me to use their monthly service. I would definitely use them again.

Steven B.

The review is taken from Yelp

Great Expectations is the best pool service available – period. I have tried several pool companies in the past and not one can compete with Matt and his team. I maintain my own pool, but sometimes when things break – you have to look for help.

The only thing I can say is that if you are looking for the most professional pool knowledge company with no BS – this is the company.

I was so impressed with their service, that I have highly recommended them to my friends that own pools. Everyone that owns a pool eventually needs a company to rely on – Great Expectations is it!

M M.

The review is taken from Yelp

“After buying our first home with a pool, we were going to try to service it ourselves. But considering the cost of chemicals and equipment plus the time, Clear Expectations is well worth it! They provide great service. Their guys are always respectful and courteous. And when a part on our heater went out, Matt got us a great deal to fix it. Highly recommend them.

Elizabeth B.

The review is taken from Yelp

GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!! I was almost brought to tears as my pool pump had stopped, pool was green, the company I had ordered a pump from, sold my pump to someone else. I had to wait another week to get one, then the person got sick and could not come for another 4 days. Trying to schedule this around my work schedule was extremely difficult since I work some Saturdays. I called Clear Expectations on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning ON TIME, Matt and Shawn showed up, replaced the pump and gave me the proper information on how to use the new pump. There were extremely professional and kind. The cost was reasonable and I am beyond happy that I will have a clean pool in hours. This weekend is the hottest so far this year and having green slime bake all weekend was not something I wanted to deal with. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I will be contacting them for all my future pool needs!



The review is taken from Yelp

These guys are great! They installed a new heater for me, serviced the pool and the system, and even helped me out with stuck filter lids and other ‘little things’. Fair, honest, fast, courteous. Highly recommended.

Greg C.

The review is taken from Yelp

Excellent, professional, knowledgeable. Highly recommended. Matt diagnosed the problem Friday (air leak) and Sean just finished the repair on Saturday. Went the extra mile to service our heating unit as well. Bravo.

Jen E.

The review is taken from Yelp

“I read through the other reviews before writing this review and I’m astonished to see any negative reviews at all. My spa equipment is/was 15 years old and I have been replacing items as needed over the last few years. After being blown off by the people at Leslie’s Pool and Service regarding a new filter, I found Clear Expectations on line and gave them a call. The Owner Matt came out (same day) to assess my situation and verify that a new filter was in fact necessary. Matt gave me price options for both repair and replacement. The replacement quote happened to be $400 less than the quote I received from Leslie’s. I decided to go with the new filter and a new filter was installed within days. I have just purchased a new heater for my spa from Clear Expectations and was once again very pleased with the entire process. Over the last year I have had the pleasure of meeting Matt and 4 of his employees. They have all been polite, knowledgeable, and very professional. If I could give these guys six stars I would!

Steve S.

The review is taken from Yelp

“We recently wanted to upgrade some of our pool equipment and after spending several months trying to get quotes from various other vendors who were unreliable or not responsive, I decided to fill out the “Contact Us” form on the Clear Expectations website. It usually seems that using one of those forms on a website pretty much guarantees that you won’t get a response for a week, but I got a response within about 10 minutes. I was shocked. Within an hour I had a quote and the work was scheduled for two days later. On the day of the service, Shawn showed up on time, completed the service quickly, and was a pleasure to work with. I would not hesitate to use Clear Expectations for any future pool work and would highly recommend them to anyone else. They are extremely professional, responsive, and do quality work, which seems to be very hard to find in this industry based on my experience so far.

Chris C.

The review is taken from Yelp

Better than the best. I could not say enough good things about Clear Expectations and the company’s owner, Matt. We’ve had numerous contractors in and out since we moved into our new (35+ yrs old) house, and for the most part, we’ve not had really great experiences. Matt, however, really stood apart from the rest of the crowd. We called him after our pool turned green – we’d put off dealing with it because we weren’t sure how to work the filters and pumps, & there was a lot of obsolete equipment to wade through. Matt came out at the end of the day and spent about 1 1/2 hrs explaining how our system worked, basically teaching us how to care for our pool. He kept going even after it started raining on us!

He is knowledgeable, professional, and clearly very enthusiastic about his business. (It definitely makes you feel more comfortable when you can tell someone really likes his job.) Our pool was clear in just about a day or so, and he left us enough chemicals to make sure we could keep it going until we had a chance to purchase supplies. He didn’t try to sell us on anything; he just gave us a very thorough, honest, well-articulated tour of our new pool system. Clear Expectations provides excellent service, and I recommend this company without hesitation.

Megan M.

The review is taken from Yelp

I was extremely happy with the service that we received when purchasing our jacuzzi cover. A customer service representative called with questions about my online order. I sent pictures and he suggested we change a few things that worked out to be a perfect fit. I was also told that the order would take at least 2 weeks. We were on a time crunch because of a scheduled party and we received our cover in 4 days!!! Thank you!!!”

Rob C.

The review is taken from Yelp

If I could give more stars I would! Kevin came to service our pool and he was awesome. Replaced a few filters and changed a gasket at a very reasonable price. He never wanted to sell us on anything or tell us we needed something we did not need. Great company, we will be using them for our pool needs from now on.

Runfar g.

The review is taken from Yelp

What a great service. Knowledgeable, professional, responsive, very reasonably priced. It’s rare that I go out of my way to recommend someone. I just read “Megan M”‘s recommendation. I completely, utterly totally concur. Matt really does stand apart from the rest of the crowd.

F Scott M.

The review is taken from Yelp

Clear Expectations has consistently provided great service. They show up on time, they’re very communicative, and professional. I’ve also found them to be very knowledgeable about all things pool/spa related. I’m so happy I decided to give them a call!!!

Matt D.

These guys are awesome. Good communicators who show up when they say they will and do quality work at a fair price! They are only pool care company I have ever recommended and I have had pools for 11 years in 3 different states.

David K.

I was looking for a pool service company and I’m so glad I found this company! Matt, the owner, is knowledgable in the equipment. He is also an honest business man. Being a small business owner myself. We try our best to help our clients! I can tell u with all the stars for this pool service company you can rest assured that they will take great care of you. Don’t go anywhere else cause you ll be sorry!”

Louie C.

“Having suffered through two different pool service companies in the last 10 years, I finally found a company that I feel comfortable recommending. If you are in need of pool cleaning services or equipment repair, I highly recommend Clear Expectations.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dealt with companies who were either dishonest or incompetent, Clear Expectations is the exact opposite. I am very happy with their service and know-how, and my pool has never looked better.

Jean E.

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