Swimming Pool Cleaning Service Cost in Austin

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With summer fast approaching there will be no shortage of hot days in Austin, Texas and one of the best ways to cool off from a hot summer day is by taking a dip in the pool! If you’re a new pool owner and you’ve built your pool just in time for summer, be sure to hire a reputable Austin pool maintenance company to give your pool weekly treatments. Paying for a pool cleaning in Austin, TX shouldn’t break your bank, and you should be able to get it for a fairly reasonable cost.

Cost to Clean An In-ground Pool, Above-ground Pool, and a Salt Water Pool

On average, the cost to clean an above-ground pool, plus or minus a deck, is less than in-ground pools because above-ground pools are typically a smaller size compared to in-ground pools. Salt water pool owners can expect to pay an annual cost of $175 to $225 for salt and chemical costs. Although the price to build a salt water unit is costly, in the long run salt water pool owners can expect to pay less for maintenance overall compared to chlorine pool owners.

What A Weekly Pool Cleaning Should Include

A quality pool service company should be cleaning and maintaining your pool with the same care and dedication they put into their own pool week after week. The weekly service should include the following:

  • Cleaning the waterline
  • Netting out all debris
  • Vacuuming the pool and spa as needed
  • Brushing the sides and steps
  • Completing a variety of chemical tests and adjusting chemicals as needed
  • Clearing out automatic baskets and/or bags
  • Emptying all skimmer baskets
  • Emptying pump baskets
  • Visually inspecting all equipment
  • Regularly communicating equipment issues to ensure longevity

Why Weekly Pool Cleanings Are Worth It

Enlisting the help of an Austin weekly pool cleaning service company to clean and maintain your pool is worth the cost because regular maintenance makes a pool safe to swim in, contributes to a pools longevity, and helps to keep the appearance of a pool looking pristine and crystal clear all the time! Regular maintenance and pool cleaning service for Austin Homeowners differs compared to regular maintenance and pool cleaning service for commercial pool owners, but both have benefits. Frequent pool cleanings eliminate harmful bacteria, and balance pH levels which if left improperly balanced can cause a swimmers skin to severely burn to name a few benefits.