What to expect from your chosen pool cleaning company

What to expect from your chosen pool cleaning company Posted on

Pool cleaning is a big responsibility; fortunately, there are pool cleaning companies that exist to take this specific problem off your shoulders. It is important to be familiar with what to really expect from a pool cleaning and maintenance service company. Your preferred pool cleaning company should offer comprehensive pool cleaning, maintenance, and repair services. The following are regular cleaning services that the pool company you hire is expected to do:

  • Check the pool equipment and parts to ensure that they are all functioning as expected. In case the equipment is not functioning properly, it should be repaired to avoid additional pool problems.

  • Vacuum the bottom of the pool using a portable service vacuum cleaner. Proper pool maintenance requires that you vacuum your pool to get rid of any debris that has sunk to the bottom. This serves to ensure proper functioning and cleaning of the pool water.

  • Brush the sides of the pool. Brushing the pool walls keeps the pool looking fresh and prevents the algae from growing.

  • Remove large debris and leaves from the surface using a leaf rake. A pump with a large basket is used to clear out large debris and messy pools.

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  • Clean out the skimmers and pump baskets of all debris. Cleaning the skimmers and pump baskets regularly is important to prevent clogged baskets which make the pump to work harder to cycle the water. This issue can reduce pump life if not regularly done.

  • Skim the water line and take out sticks, leaves, and any other debris that may cause a blockage. Basic skimming involves using a net to remove any dirt that is floating on the surface of the pool.

  • Test and balance water chemistry. The cleaning company is expected to check the pool chlorine and pH levels as well as the alkalinity and calcium hardness of your pool water.

  • Add chlorine if necessary to kill pollutants and prevent bacteria growth. Chlorine is the basic chemical that keeps pool water sanitized, it’s a great idea to maximize its consistency and efficiency.

  • Inspect the pool pump and filter system for abnormalities such as odd sound or loose hose. Detecting the problem early leads to easier repairs.
  • Backwashing the pool filters at least once a year to assist release pressure and restore water flow rate. Backwashing the filter ensures that any dirt caught in the system is completely removed. This makes sure that the system operates efficiently and minimize the risk of breakdown.

  • Detecting leakage. A pool technician from a pool maintenance service provider can identify a leak and recommend the best course of action or advise you to renovate your pool to prevent future problems.

  • Give a written report of chemicals used during the visit and the work done for record keeping and future follow up.


An experienced Austin pool cleaning company also offers some amazing additional services to weekly pool cleaning, to keep the area around your pool attractive such as, repairing pool equipment, thorough cleaning of pool tiles and educating the pool owners to help them learn how to maintain their pool.

In conclusion, the selected pool cleaning company in Austin should deliver reliable, quality pool maintenance services, and guaranteed work at reasonable prices with a completely satisfactory outcome.