What To Look For When Choosing a Pool Cleaning Company

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Austin, Texas has a subtropical climate, which means homeowners with pools have many days during the year that they can enjoy and get use from of their pool. In order to get optimal use from their pool though, pool owners in Austin and nearby areas should be a getting a weekly pool service from a reliable Austin pool maintenance company not only keep their pool safe to swim in, but also to improve the appearance and longevity of their pool. Fortunately for Austin area pool owners getting a pool cleaning in Austin, TX isn’t hard to come by due to the many pool maintenance companies offering services to homeowners with pools and commercial pool owners alike.


Whether you’re a homeowner with a pool or a commercial pool owner, a good Austin weekly pool cleaning service company should offer you a free estimate beforehand. From there, an experienced pool technician should be able to talk to you about what weekly pool services they recommend, roughly how much it will cost, and share with you the different service plans they have to offer to fit your own personal needs and budget. Exact pricing will depend on the size and type of pool you own, and that should be determined and communicated to you before services begin.


Finding a reliable and experienced Austin pool maintenance company to service your pool weekly can make a big difference in the level of service and care your pool receives. An experienced pool service company will have the knowledge and understanding of how to best help commercial pool owners to service their pool while staying on budget, and will understand the needs of homeowners with pools all while keeping their pools looking like sparkling new and in good condition all year long. Depending on what your pool servicing needs are going with a more experienced company may be the best way to go.

Level of Service

Maintenance and Pool Cleaning Service for Austin Homeowners with pools and commercial pool owners should be given at a high quality without having to pay an overly high price for it, in other words price should not equal quality of service. Professionalism and reliability should be offered, in addition to services that include pool cleanings using high-quality commercial grade equipment. Different services should be offered to a residential customer compared to a commercial one, so depending on the type of pool you own make sure the pool maintenance company you hire understands how to best clean and maintain your pool.

Ask About Certification

You may want to consider checking to make sure your pool technician is a Certified Pool and Spa Operator (CPO). The CPO certification is one that provides additional knowledge, techniques, and skills for pool and spa operations. The certification is sought after by many pool service technicians in the pool servicing industry nationwide and can help them to better provide exceptional, high-quality service to their customers.